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[Jun. 22nd, 2004|08:42 am]
Movie News for The Comrade Society


Well, I just don't get it. Blake Edwards is directing a remake of his own film, 10, this one cleverly called 10 Again. *deskface*

Another remake in the works is "The Bad News Bears", with Billy Bob Thornton in Walter Matthau's role.

And yet another remake. Of "Back to School". With Cedric the Entertainer in Rodney Dangerfield's role. It's stuff like this that causes me to lose faith in humanity.

Oh dear god. Disney is in plans to create a movie based on the, you won't guess it... The Jungle Cruise ride. *blankfaced stare* Well, at least it isn't another remake.

And Terry Gilliam continues to astound me. His next project *whether it will ever go through or not is to yet to be seen* is called "Tideland", and the synopsis runs as such- "A young girl retreats into a world of fantasy to escape her harsh life in a small-town Texas; there she talks with four disembodied doll heads." ... Go American!Terry.

And because Steve Coogan amuses me, I'm offering you this news- Alibi "A man (Steve Coogan) runs an "alibi service," which provides cheating spouses with excuses to keep their significant others in the dark about their extramarital activities. When one of his clients (James Marsden) gets into a jam, the man hires a woman (Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) to help, but soon finds himself falling for her." Do I find this plot to be inspiring? Of course not. Will I see it? ...I'll rent it. Or rather, my mother will rent it, and I'll watch from my perch by the computer.

The Partidge Family Movie. More details will come when Hollywood decides I need another punch to the stomach.

Because I actually liked "About a Boy" and "High Fidelity", I'll let you know that another Nick Hornby novel is in the works to be filmed. How to Be Good Synopsis- "With her marriage on the rocks, a woman begins to reconsider her husband after he abruptly decides to "be good" by giving away their possessions and inviting poor people to live in their house."

...And in the Alec Guinness movie remake camp, we have "Last Holiday" starring Queen Latifah in the Guinness role. Synopsis, in case you're ignorant- "Queen Latifah plays a sales clerk who learns she's dying of a terminal illness and decides to use all her money to take one last European trip."

I apologize if I insulted you, dear reader, by calling you ignorant if you did not know the synopsis of "Last Holiday". It's just that I'm always a bit upset when Alec Guinness movies get remade. It's just an unnecessary thing. *le argh*

And Reese Witherspoon is set to star in about five more romantic comedies. I don't even see the point to naming them. I'm sorry.

Thus ends my depressed movie post. This is yet another example of why I hate Hollywood *and love Terry Gilliam movies*.